to restore the integrity of the roof structure and
treat the beetle damage to the internal structural beams


Following the recent winter storms, some of the slates that had become dislodged had to be replaced.  The roofer employed to carry out this work discovered that the battens used to attach the slates are completely rotten and need replacement.  There is also a considerable amount of beetle damage and splits and defects in the timbers which need to be addressed.



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roof repairs

The Stonesfield Slates used on the roof are attached with pegs to wooden battens running the length of the roof. These have now started to rot away and the slates are gradually falling off leaving the fabric of the building exposed to the elements. This means the total removal of all existing slates and the replacement of those considered too fragile or broken.


timber repairs

A considerable amount of beetle damage has occurred, as shown in the above photos. Treatment is required to prevent further structural weakening of the timbers.


Splits and defects in the timbers have been highlighted in the structural engineer’s report and these will require addressing, namely :

•    Repair the split in the truss chord by epoxy resin and stainless steel pins
•    Strap the outer wall plate to the inner wall plate so that the full thickness of the wall is mobilised to resist outward thrust
•    Positively fix the trusses to the wall plate so that the trusses provide restraint to outward movement of the wall 

Strip, dress & re-tile roof 24,500
Redecorate interior 1,500
Bat nest preservation protection 500
Wood treatment 500
Scaffolding  800
Project management [5%] 1,390
Contingency [10%] 2,919
VAT  6,420
TOTAL £38,529

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