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 We hope you will come and visit us soon. 

The Heritage Centre is open until 27th September 2015

Saturdays, Sundays, Bank Holidays 2.00 - 4.30 pm




William Smith, Father of English Geology, was born in Churchill in 1769 and we are delighted

to have installed a plaque at Smith's birthplace, thanks to the generous support of The Curry Fund. 

The plaque was unveiled on 22 March 2015 by Professor Hugh Torrens.




We have also been working with the Oxford University Museum of Natural History to commemorate the

bicentenary of William Smith's famous geological map of England and Wales and they have curated a special 2015 exhibition in the Heritage Centre, which incorporates Smith's diaries and letters. 

Audio recordings give details of William Smith's life and legacy and explain how the William Smith collection

came to be archived in the museum in Oxford.


This is a significant partnership and we are delighted to be celebrating the heritage of the villages of

Churchill and Sarsden with this important focus on William Smith in 2015.



Organised by the Heritage Centre, an enthusiastic group of walkers enjoyed a trail around Churchill and Sarsden on 25th May, discovering some of the village landmarks important to the life of William Smith - including the rare sheep dip. 

Led by geologists Geoffrey Walton and Owen Green, the group is seen here visiting Sarsden Quarry

where geological features were explained.




Ralph Mann's lucid history of Churchill and Sarsden describes the parish's long and surprisingly rich past.    




Four walking trails in and around the villages of Churchill & Sarsden.  Richly illustrated with photographs, geological data, details of William Smith village connections and local history. 








Available at the Heritage Centre, these three leaflets have been compiled especially for children so that they can

make the most of their visit to the centre and to the village.

(1) History Trail in Churchill Village

(2) Children's Quiz in the Churchill Heritage Centre

(3) Children's Word Search in the Churchill Heritage Centre 

50p each





Where there's a will there's a way and thanks to funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, via the Heritage Centre, a team of trained volunteers is transcribing local 17th century probate records.  Very few of the surviving wills have been studied before and they contain a wealth of information about Churchill and Sarsden families and their homes.  They reveal a valuable source of local history, the results of which are being made available at the Heritage Centre at weekends during the open season, 22 March - 27 September 2015.


                                                   Volunteers learning how to decode Secretary Hand at the special course in Churchill village, with tutor Adrienne Rosen 


For any queries about the Churchill and Sarsden Heritage Centre, please email or telephone 01608 658603

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