2011-2012 Exhibition: "Churchill Village in Wartime"



Visitors to Churchill and Sarsden in World War II - evacuees and Americans.

This exhibition has now finished but if you are interested in any aspects of it, please contact us. 

We will be archiving the material and oral recordings.


Evacuees arriving at Chipping Norton station

Under the Government's evacuation plan "Operation Pied Piper", over 50 children were evacuated to Churchill and Sarsden during the war. 

How did the London evacuees fare in the rural Cotswold villages of Churchill and Sarsden?

And why did some of them never go home?

For the past year, we have been searching for them so that we can share their stories as part of our exhibition. 

Come and hear them.


 "Americans are not Englishmen who are different, but foreigners who are rather like us."

Pamphlet issued by the Army Bureau of Current Affairs (1943)   


From 1944, The HQ for CCB Company of 6th Armoured Division, US Army, was based in the grounds of Sarsden House,

and the upper floors of the house itself - the home of Lady Wyfold - became the officers' accommodation.